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Posted July 26, 2012 by

Highest paying Master’s Programs of 2012

If you are considering an advanced master of business administration degree, or an MPH (master in public health) degree, it is a safe guess that topmost in your mind, alongside choosing your field of study, is figuring out if your starting salary will enable you to pay back your student loans in full and on time. This is a growing concern amongst a graduating body of highly trained and prepared advanced degree candidates. Entities both public and private that are charged with evaluating the “best” and “worst” advanced degrees have delivered clear proof that earning potential is not equal amongst differently degreed professionals who hold a master’s degree or higher. The truth is, if you are investing money into your advanced degree program, you most likely want to know you will earn that money back and then some. Learn what the highest master’s programs are—in terms of income earning potential and advancement in the field—as you decide what your own next steps for an advanced degree may be. (more…)

Posted April 26, 2012 by

Advanced Degrees Help you Getting Better Career Establishment

After being a graduate, the biggest question lies in front of you is whether or not to go to a graduation school to finish your higher studies! Well, this is quite an obvious but complicated situation that comes up in front of you as soon as you start feeling yourself lucky with an under graduation degree in hands. At this point of time, you can definitely think that dedicating four long years behind the under graduation studies were enough and now you are all set to move towards your professional life. However, the situation remains different. Since, it is a competitive world, being good is just not enough to have a professional establishment; rather you must have something extra to prove yourself better than others and this quality enhancer can be only the advanced degree courses. (more…)