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Posted November 11, 2015 by

3 weeks until the Graduates Employment Conference Europe in Brussels

Hotel Leopold in Brussels, Belgium

Hotel Leopold in Brussels, Belgium

Earlier this year College Recruiter partnered with European-based Gradcore, Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), and European Association for International Education (EMPLOI) to create the Graduate Employment Conference Europe (GEC Europe). We’re now only three weeks away from the December 2nd and 3rd conference.

The conference is bringing together a remarkable group of senior university relations leaders, talent acquisition heads, graduate recruiters, and university employability leaders from at least 14 countries and the continents of Europe, North America, and Asia. We’ll gather at The Hotel Leopold the evening of Wednesday, December 2nd for a wonderful dinner and then at the British Ambassador’s residence on Thursday, December 3rd for two keynotes and a panel discussion in the morning and then break-out sessions in the afternoon. (more…)

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Understanding the College Mindset

Rosanna Bell of NAM Youth Marketing

Rosanna Bell of NAM Youth Marketing

In this College Recruiter Webinar, senior liaison and content marketing specialist Rosanna Bell of NAM Youth Marketing discusses strategies and tactics used by leading employers and consumer marketers to reach today’s college and university students and recent graduates.

Today’s young adults are digital natives. Yet marketing to these potential employees and customers requires a well thought out marketing strategy which integrates on- and off-line media. In addition, the on-line media needs to reach them not just through their desktop or laptop computers because they’re constantly on the go and value convenience. It is for those reasons that they love technology and why they use their smartphones dozens or even hundreds of times a day. (more…)

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Email Marketing is Still the Most Effective Way to Reach Qualified Leads

Email still trumps social media for customer acquisition—nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined, according to McKinsey & Co. Meanwhile, Forrester Research states that for every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return is over $44. The return is measurable but email is also the most abused medium by marketers.

In this webinar, Andrea McEwen Henderson, hosts Nicolette Jackson-Pownall, National Account Managers for College Recruiter. Discuss the relevance of email marketing and how effective it is in reaching qualified candidates.


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How Technology Is Driving the Future of College Recruiting – Part 1

“There’s this thing called the Internet.” And in 1995, with that remark, a career service office director forever changed the future of the business out of which College Recruiter would emerge.

The clock was ticking on the 1950’s era products and approach of students picking up magazines, pulling annual reports from filing cabinets, and even sitting across a table in an on-campus interview room. Today, some 20 years later, it is hard for the recent grads and students we serve to relate to a time when all college recruiting was very physical, very local, and very expensive. What will tomorrow bring and how will those changes impact career services, employers, and job seekers?


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How to Use Targeted Banner Ad Campaigns for Employer Branding

When you market your company to attract and retain best-in-class talent, you are practicing employer branding.

In this College Recruiter webinar, national account managers Mike Bruggeman and Andrea McEwen-Henderson discuss why targeted banner ads are effective for branding your organization. (more…)

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Demo of College Recruiter for Schools and Other Consumer Marketers

Nicolette Jackson of College Recruiter

Nicolette Jackson of College Recruiter

College Recruiter is the leading niche job board used by college and university recent graduates searching for entry-level jobs and students hunting for internships.

For job seekers, College Recruiter features hundreds of thousands of entry-level and internship job postings from thousands of large and small employers. College Recruiter also has tens of thousands of employment-related articles, Ask the Experts questions and answers, blogs, videos, and more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn a little about the history of College Recruiter, the recent graduates and students who use it to find entry-level jobs and internships, and the solutions that we offer to higher education institutions and other consumer marketers who want to promote their continuing education opportunities, products, and services to college and university recent graduates and students.


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How Programmatic Ad Buying Turbo Charges Mobile Banner Ads

Think banner advertising is dead? Think again:

  • Now software companies can deliver info about their latest creative software programs to college freshmen at specific graphic design schools.
  • Colleges founded in the 1800’s can now market their online master’s programs to graduating accounting majors.

At College Recruiter we work hard to make marketing goals a reality for our clients. We completed the implementation of programmatic ad buying into our mobile and display banner advertising solutions a year ago. Our embrace of this innovative idea allows us to ensure that you’re able to reach the right student with the right offer at the right time. Put another way, we can target your ideal prospect by overlaying both contextual and consumer demographic information.


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Study shows ATS block 86-94% of those trying to apply

Most popular applicant tracking systems, as ranked by OnGig

Most popular applicant tracking systems, as ranked by OnGig

Human resource departments have always understood the need to efficiently manage the flow of information about people who want to work for our organizations.

Several decades ago the need for efficiency led to the popularization of applicant tracking systems and those have allowed employers to greatly reduce their costs-per-hire, time-to-hire, and ability to defend themselves in lawsuits. That’s all good but with the good often comes some bad.

At niche job board College Recruiter, we see ATS from the vantage point of our employer clients as well as the millions of actively searching recent grads and students who use our site and more passive candidates who we reach via targeted email, targeted mobile banner, and targeted display ad campaigns. As you might expect, many of them get pretty frustrated and the most highly qualified and therefore most sought after candidates tend to give up because, well, they can. (more…)

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One day conference for govt HR leaders: learn how to better recruit recent college grads, students

Jamara Cheek

Jamara Cheek

What are you doing on Monday, December 8th? No plans yet? Good.

Join your fellow government human resource specialist and other leaders from dozens of agencies at the GSA office across from the L’Enfant Plaza in D.C. as they learn how to save time, make their budgets go further, and recruit the most sought after college grads and students.

From 10am to 3:30pm (with a break for lunch) you’ll be immersed in eight presentations of 20 minutes each. No time for fluff. No time for stupid jokes. The eight, outstanding presenters will each be razor focused and so will you. How do I know that? Because this will be our 8th College Recruiting Bootcamp. (more…)

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College Graduates, Are You Smartphone Users Searching for Jobs or Managing Tasks at Work? 5 Apps You May Like

For college graduates searching for jobs or trying to manage a workload at the office, there are five smartphone apps that might benefit them in the following post.

Glued to your smartphone? Whether you’re walking down the street, on the train or sitting in the carpool on the way home, you (and everyone around you) are probably heads down, checking the latest activity on your social networks, catching up on news or texting loved ones. The average American has approximately 32 apps on their

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