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How a Medical Scribe Position Prepares You for Medical School

empty notebook with a pen on the table

Empty notebook with a pen on the table. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The decision to apply to medical school is not easy. Before students can even apply, they must complete rigorous coursework, volunteer or work in a clinical setting, score well on the MCAT exam, and more.

Then comes the more important part: actually getting accepted to medical school. Standing out among thousands of other applicants can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are opportunities for students interested in medical school or other healthcare careers that can enhance their resume or graduate school application. (more…)

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Understand the Career Prospects after Completing an Executive MBA

Catherina Thomas

Catherina Thomas

There is no doubt that the much coveted Masters degree in Business Administration, that is, the MBA is a degree which can completely change your life, granting you access to higher rungs of the ladder, and a whole new administrative expertise to spearhead projects with. There are various different MBA courses available, one of which is the Executive MBA degree.

It is a graduate level degree, with the distinguishing factor being that one needs 3-5 years professional experience to apply for the course, and also that he would not need to quit his day job to accommodate the course into his schedule. It is a highly specialized course, targeted at managers and administrators who wish to enrich their careers. You could learn more about PGDM and other courses too, but an EMBA is one of the best options to give a boost to your career.

Career Prospects after the Executive MBA (more…)

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Careers in the Foreign Service – One Diplomat’s Story

Becoming a Foreign Service Officer can be extremely challenging but on the other hand is even more rewarding. Ana Escrogima describes her experiences as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in the Middle East and how the State Department carries out its mission to implement foreign policy objectives. She also describes the efforts of the State Department to recruit diverse and talented candidates for the Foreign and Civil Service.

In this recorded webinar, Andrea McEwen Henderson, National Account Manager for College Recruiter, hosts Ana Escrogima, Diplomat in Residence for the New York Metro Area.


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Hidden Gem Recipient Loyola University – How to Best Run Career Services

College Recruiter, the leading niche job board used by recent college graduates to find entry-level jobs and students to find internships, chose Loyola University as one of 12 winners of its 2015 Hidden Gem Index for being one of the best colleges and universities for employers who want to hire high quality graduates who majored in business.
College Recruiter used its custom research product to generate the rankings. The modeling for this hidden gem school project was to identify schools which featured high SAT/ACT scores for entering students, high average starting salaries for the regions in which the schools were locates, a high percentage of graduates working in their chosen field of study, and a majority of the graduating class available for recruitment by employers.

Andrea McEwen Henderson, National Account Manager for College Recruiter, hosts in today’s webinar Hassan Akmal, who joined Loyola as Director of Business Career Services. Who in May 2014 after a very successful five-year career as a Visionary, Career Thought Leader, and Director of Career Services at multiple locations in both New York and Southern California, and Wren Donofrio, Assistant Director of Business Career Services: Employer Outreach & Relations. Who has over 6 years of higher education experience and leads our Project Enhance- leveraging and connecting our employer outreach and recruiting strategy with a qualitative, quantitative and robust client management focus that benefits the university at-large.


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Job Seeker Webinar Careers in the Foreign Service – The Exam Process and Student Opportunities

There are great opportunities to become a Foreign and Civil Service officer. The positions are taken very seriously and the application process is very intricate. But there are fellowship and internship opportunities to become involved while still going to graduate school.

Andrea McEwen-Henderson, National Account Manager for College Recruiter, hosts this recorded webinar with Ana Escrogima, Diplomat in Residence for the New York Metro area, who discusses the Foreign Service Exam and the Civil Service hiring process. She also reviews the State Department internship program and various graduate fellowship opportunities.


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How Technology Is Driving the Future of College Recruiting – Part 1

“There’s this thing called the Internet.” And in 1995, with that remark, a career service office director forever changed the future of the business out of which College Recruiter would emerge.

The clock was ticking on the 1950’s era products and approach of students picking up magazines, pulling annual reports from filing cabinets, and even sitting across a table in an on-campus interview room. Today, some 20 years later, it is hard for the recent grads and students we serve to relate to a time when all college recruiting was very physical, very local, and very expensive. What will tomorrow bring and how will those changes impact career services, employers, and job seekers?


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How Technology is Driving the Future of College Recruiting – Part 2

The Arkansas Association of Colleges and Employers Conference was held on June 11-12, 2015 at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center in Springdale, Arkansas. The theme of the conference was: How people, technology, and economics are driving the future of recruiting. The AACE Conference annually attracts over 100 decision-makers from colleges, universities and employers, representing the entire state of Arkansas, as well as government and private organizations. AACE is the only statewide professional association that provides businesses and career services professionals the opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate in order to place or find the talent they need quickly and economically. Their mission is to provide resources for the career planning and employment of Arkansas’ college educated workforce.


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The Top Ten Graduate Degrees for Prospective Health Care Professionals

Smiling practitioner examining the patient, her assistant taking notes

Smiling practitioner examining the patient, her assistant taking notes. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Healthcare is and has always been one of the best fields to enter when looking for good job prospects and competitive salaries. It doesn’t matter if you are a social butterfly or would rather be behind the scenes, healthcare has a job that fits you. Many of the best jobs in healthcare require a graduate or professional degree of some kind. These degrees are offered through schools such as Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP). Here is a list of the top ten graduate degrees in healthcare: (more…)

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Creative Ways to Study Businesses on the Internet for Your Graduate Degree

Deborah Anderson photo

Deborah Anderson

One of the advantages that I have found, in my own pursuit of my doctorate degree, is the convenience of working while attending school and the synergistic way that the two compliment each other. Oh, it is true that that presents challenges in time management, with working full time and attending university full time, but isn’t life full of challenges? It is through those challenges that we grow. If we are analyzing our steps (even to a small degree) while we proceed through life, we can find more efficient ways of doing things and increase our chances of success.

I have had the advantage of already climbing to the top and functioning as a Chief Technology Officer in the financial industry. Believe me, that offers many opportunities to not only observe business but living in the center of it. Going back to the reference of the synergy between working and attending a university, the graduate work that I was doing also benefitted the business. And, the business work (career) benefitted the graduate work. (more…)

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End-of-Year Checklist for College Juniors

Senior and junior college colleagues. Lady dressed in fashion wear whereas girl in casuals carrying backpack.

Senior and junior college colleagues. Lady dressed in fashion wear whereas girl in casuals carrying backpack. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Seniors are already on their way to being done with college and are frantically looking for a job. However, college juniors are encouraged to create an end-of-year checklist for success so their senior year and graduation are easier. Advanced preparation is a key to success in today’s economic climate. Although graduation may seem a long time away, there are many things juniors can do to set themselves up for success upon graduation. (more…)