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Posted February 07, 2006 by

From Temporary to Permanent

Since I have to take a break from college and I couldn’t find a paid internship in my area, I decided on a temp agency. Little did I know this temp agency was going to offer me more than what I was expecting. I’m thinking temp agency, hmm……go work in some office for a weeks or months and then transfer to a new office. Well, the temp agency had something else in mind. On my second assignment I ended up at an oil company doing some office work. Even though it had nothing to do with my major, I figured it would give me some money so I might as well go for it.
Well I’ve been with the company for a few months now and my supervisors have approached me on numerous occasions about becoming permanent. They even gave me a promotion from being a receptionist to working in the retail division. At first I was excited and ready to stay on permanently but the past few weeks have me thinking otherwise. As much as I like my position in the company and the people that work with me I am contemplating the fact that my degree will have nothing to do with my job. There is a possibility that I could make my degree work for me with my current position, but that would require the company to let me show them what I am capable of.
I’m thinking maybe it’s me being scared and ashamed about not having a career in my field or the idea of not knowing where my current position could possibly take me in a direction that I haven’t even thought about. By working in retail I am learning a lot about how to run a store and the procedures that are taken when it comes to opening up a new location. So I guess this position could lead to bigger and better things. Maybe it’s just my nerves getting to me.