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Jimmy Sweeney

Jimmy Sweeney, President of CareerJimmy

Many job seekers drown their cover letters in dense paragraphs, long-winded sentences, and roundabout explanations. They write two words when one would do, a paragraph when a sentence would be perfect, a description when a phrase would make the point.

Imagine the expression on the employer’s face when he receives a cover letter such as this:

I have spent the last seven years developing and executing a plan of action that included holding communication classes for new employees, making sure they are onboard with the company’s policy, based on my ability to bring more clarity to management’s relationship with foreign partners, and also helping middle and upper management get along better when they are having a difference of opinion regarding a matter of some importance to the welfare of the company.

Can you hear the shredding machine whirling this cover letter into confetti?

Following are three examples of how to activate your cover letter with ACTION VERBS when communicating your skills, on-the-job duties, skills, and training.

1.    Education and Training:

•  Earned a Master of Sales and Marketing from North Bloomfield
•  Served a one-year internship under Professor Julian Smith of Bradley Business Institute.

2.    Specific Duties:

•  Led sales and communication classes for all new sales staff.
•  Wrote and designed a refresher training manual for employees who’ve been with the company five years or more.

3.     Key Accomplishments:

•  Created new marketing channels for our Canadian partner.
•  Revitalized purchasing and production methods for the company.

If you want to inspire an employer to take action on your behalf, put action verbs to work for you in your next cover letter. When you’re tempted to overstate your point or create a document filled with weedy words, stop, pick up a weed whacker and chop them down. Better yet—yank them out and replace with a strong verb.

Aimless writing has no place in the current job search market. Think twenty-first century and get right to the point––the point that shows what you’ve accomplished and what you’re capable of doing today.

Transform your cover letter by choosing words from this list of powerful action verbs:

Create (Created)    Provide (Provided)
Restructure (Restructured)    Manage (Managed)
Lead (Led)    Resolve (Resolved)
Change (Changed)    Increase (Increased)

When you’re ready to create a new job search cover letter, think action. Then write one that inspires in the hiring manager a sense of confidence, clarity, and a commitment to calling you for an interview that could lead to the job you want and are qualified to hold.

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President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new,
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Jimmy Sweeney is president of CareerJimmy and originator of the brand new, “Amazing Cover Letter Creator.” Jimmy is the author of “Tough Times Job Tips” and writes a monthly article titled, “Job Search Secrets.”

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