5 Qualities of Top-Tier Bosses

Posted May 20, 2014 by
Ken Sundheim

Ken Sundheim, Chief Executive Officer at KAS Placement

The best bosses are the ones who can turn a good organization into a great company.  They are the individuals who consistently push their employees to become better, more engaged and enable them to adapt to oncoming changes in the corporate landscape.

Instead of suppressing employees, top-tier bosses encourage smart ideas, open conversation and creativity.  They reward the employees who deserve recognition instead of promoting those who simply agree with them.

Regardless of industry or size of company, studies have showed that the best bosses share common traits that lead to consistent success.  Below, you’ll find 5 of them.

The Common Traits and Qualities

1. An understanding of how to build confidence among employees.  First-rate bosses don’t allow their subordinates to blame circumstances or environment for their failures.  They maintain an energy that is optimistic and focus on possibilities rather than problems.  This “can-do” outlook becomes contagious.  As a result, employee motivation and confidence continually increase and so does everyone’s success rate.

2. Fanatic discipline – The best bosses set high, but attainable performance benchmarks for the employees at the company as well as themselves.  Relentlessly, they pursue these achievements regardless of whether they must work around the clock to meet those goals.

Outstanding bosses don’t let intimation or harsh business environments dictate their actions.  They are unwavering in their quest to preserve profitability and prevent bad habits from forming within the group.

3. Consistency – The most effective bosses are the ones who don’t get sidetracked by chasing the “next big thing.”  Instead, they make firm decisions as to the course of the organization and, thus are able to define clear roles and tasks that the employees must engage in.

They never leave the overarching goals ambiguous and stick to a pattern of operation that works.  Under a first-rate boss, everyone knows where they stand.

4. Strength – The best bosses project strength and have the ability to get things done.  Their employees look to them for advice because they possess the expertise and character that it takes to succeed.  They are less concerned about being the most popular and more concerned with their commitment to progress.

5. Strong loyalty to the company and those within the organization – The best bosses are the ones who are concerned less for their own personal greatness and put the company’s needs first.  Their ambition comes from wanting to make the organization money as opposed to being strictly focused on personal wealth.  Instead of requiring outside credit for their achievements, they quietly produce extraordinary results and set a positive example within the company.

In the End

When you work for a manager who is a top-tier boss, you are rewarded for performance rather than favoritism.  You grow both personally and professionally while working under them.  They give your position a sense of meaning and your job becomes less of a job and more of a passion.


Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement an executive search firm specializing in sales and marketing recruitment throughout the U.S.  Ken is also a writer for Forbes and has been featured in Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, AOL and many others.

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