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Funny inspirational quote relating to coffee. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Many intriguing expression trends evolved with social media. The most interesting one is the culture of memes. Essentially, these represent the artistic representation of sarcasm. Sites such as Facebook unlocked communication opportunities like never before. People feeling the need to express their discontent about something or anything widely choose social media. Now, in the big picture of sociopolitical context, direct communication is not always encouraged. As the system and the society at large are not often in a position to feel comfortable in the face of the hard truth, the online community developed the trend of memes. To know more visit the following site.

The art of sarcasm

The memes serve the purpose of sarcasm art by connecting a vaguely related picture with a catchy line expressing the real situation (in a humorous way). The practice caught up so well that many sites now look for professionals to develop memes. Already there are several image templates like the thinking dinosaur, the grumpy cat, and the weird caricatures of Derp to connect with the catchy lines. The memes make a strong political and social statement in getting across serious issues with a funny streak. The online community constantly innovates and develops new meme ideas. The embedded wit and sarcastic fun in these images convey hard-hitting questions that the society needs to confront. Common issues encountered in political memes include corruption, doublespeak, and core hypocrisies.

Different expressive niches

There are several meme niches even. Besides the usual political category, other aspects of life represented in memes include the world of writers, weed culture, social behaviors, world of teenagers, world of comics & games, and anything in general. In fact, a meme may not even have a picture, although then its not as effective as it should be. Famous people like Barrack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others often become the accompanying image in their weird facial expressions caught on camera.

Developing caricatures for memes

The developers devise catchy text accompanying the mood set by the character in the image. Sometimes, artists also create caricatures of famous people in creating funny tag lines with them. Take the virtual world of India as an example. Currently, there is a burst of memes on major political personalities like PM Manmohan Singh, PM aspirant Narendra Modi, and religious leader Baba Ram Dev among others.

A highly trending culture

The most intriguing part of the meme culture is the abrupt popularity of a certain image. Suddenly, a photo or a personality rises to heavy popularity, appearing as memes. Always there is a catchy tag line accompanying the image. As a professional meme designer, you need to stay in tune with the latest developments in the arena. Also, it is a highly challenging job because you need to have a confident, witty streak into constantly developing the text to go with the photo. You have to be current in your interpretation of sociopolitical trends and present the issue in a funny manner. If you have it in you, consider pursuing a career in memes. It can be a good way to earn part-time also.

Express personal moods

These expressive visual communication methods are also great channels of presenting a particular personal mood. People have been making memes on everything bothering them without compromising on the refineries of social communication. So, if you want to tell how you feel on Monday, you can find a host of online memes expressing it. If you just want to say someone to bug off, there is no need to be harsh and direct. You can always post a relevant meme into showing your feelings towards an irritating person. The one to whom you direct your comment surely understands. Have no doubt on it! You may soon even find the person in discussion out of your friends list. That solves many problems!

Beware of trolling

In this context, you should be aware of trolling though. In fact, you should be aware of avoiding being an online troll. The thing is, on the internet, the entire truth is out. So, when you develop a meme into twisting a truth and presenting it into expressing your take on the matter, the online community is smart enough to outsmart it. You brand yourself as a troll, which is another name for a despicable character on the internet. Many politicians fell into this trap and tried to leverage the communication medium of memes to malign their opponents. The weed culture is also a prime example. In the ambience of marijuana decriminalization, the memes showing the plant in a bad light gets harsh treatment from commentators keen on sharpening their witty skills. Such actions invoke heavy online retribution without exceptions in an online world uncompromised with the truth of the matter.

There is no hiding on the internet. In keeping with the administration and the corporations collecting your data and information, the general public is also widely aware of the hypocrisies. The virtual realms place very high priorities on ethical quality. Any SEO professional can tell you how Google is stringent in maintaining the standards of ethical promotions and presentations. When the truth does not scare, you begin to make fun of it. The question is do you have the courage to be a meme artist?

Author Bio: Meme Member – memes let you effortlessly share funny pictures. The author constantly has his head in the clouds into finding words that match with the images he needs to present. Here, he expresses his understanding of the meme culture.

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