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Smiling female flight attendant inside an airplane

Smiling female flight attendant inside an airplane. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Outline: There are different perspectives to the job of an air hostess. While for some the job is brilliant that gives you an opportunity to see the world for free, there are others who think they can do better on earth than up in the air. Get a better understanding of the job profile and required skill sets for a life up in the air.

The travel industry is growing at a rapid rate wherein everybody wants to travel and explore; there are new airlines or other transport services coming up every fortnight. There are way too many reasons why you would want to be associated with the travel and tourism industry. If you have the interest and zeal to explore, there is no better place to make a living than this one. Air hostess jobs are highly sought-after. Here are the few of the many reasons why you would want to become a flight attendant.

  • Travel for free

Most often your dreams of traveling around the globe never translate into reality because of the traveling and accommodation costs. If you are an air hostess there is no reason not to smile as you get to travel to some of the most exquisite locations without shelling a penny.

  • Sunrise and sunset from up in the air

As a flight attendant you get to see such rare sights that life seems beautiful all over again. There is nothing better than watching a sunset or sunrise from thousands of feet away from ground level.

  • Don’t worry about those extra bags

This is a real treat if you are an air hostess. While passengers would crib about paying for the excess baggage; that badge on your uniform allows you to carry those bags for free.

  • Your weight is taken care off

Weight issue is a part and parcel of everyone’s life, more so in the case of a woman. Well, if you are an air hostess, you do not have to worry about those extra kilos as there is no room for them in your job. You get to walk and stand throughout the day, which is equivalent to working out in the gym.

Now that you are well acquainted with the reasons why the job of a flight attendant is exciting and something everyone out there should pursue, there are certain skills required to sustain your position as a flight attendant. Here are the top 10 skills required for Air hostess jobs:

  • Punctuality: You need to learn to value your time just how you are expected to value that of others. Being punctual is of utmost importance in this job.
  • Team player: You are going to be working as a team, with other air hostess and the captain and the entire crew. Life up in the air is unthinkable if you are not a people’s person. You need to be able to mingle well.
  • Calm and composed: A good air hostess is one who is calm all the time. In times of trouble or emergency people are going to be looking at you for help, as such you cannot afford to panic.
  • Quick and paying attention to detail: This job expects you to be quick and efficient at all times. You need to be able to satisfy the needs of your customer within a minimal time frame with complete attention to detail.
  • Welcoming: Your smile and genuinely caring nature should reflect in the way you greet and welcome every passenger. All the passengers are going to see you as they enter the flight, therefore having that pretty smile on, is essential.
  • Presentable: Apart from caring for your travelers, ensuring you are always presentable is important. Looking pretty at all times is part of the job.
  • Physically fit: Meeting the height and weight requirements is very essential. Your fitness level is one of the main factors considered during the interview process.
  • Presence of mind: This job is risky as there is no guarantee of any sorts. There can be very different and dreadful emergencies where you are expected to act swift and appropriately, a manner that would benefit all. Presence of mind is something that will help you get out of any small and big problem comfortably.
  • Communication skills: This is a very important requirement for this job as you need to be able to understand what the customer wants in order to cater to his needs.
  • Speak well: It is not enough to know plenty of languages, fluency in a few basic languages and a good command over it, is more than sufficient to secure your air job.

Today, there are numerous airlines readily accepting the interested. Apply for the job if you think you have the genuine interest in serving people and seeing the smile on a satisfied and happy customer. A simple test and round of interviews will pave the way for your future as an airhostess of a prestigious airline.

Author Bio: In this article, the writer has enumerated different reasons why everyone should become an air hostess. In addition to this, the different requirements to bag the role of an air hostess is elaborated. The writer describes how it is a very challenging yet merry job which literally takes you places.  Search Air Hostess Jobs  in India.

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