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How do You Make a Major Career Change?

"Your New Career" black and white sign, with blue sky and clouds

“Your New Career” black and white sign, with blue sky and clouds. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

A major career change can be inspired from a number of different possibilities. Maybe you’re not making enough money to live comfortably, or maybe your work absorbs so much of your time you never get to see your family. The reasons as to why could be endless; leading to various points of view differing from one individual to another. This is about how to make it happen should you be one of these individuals. Take a few things into consideration:

•    What is the concept of the job and the amount of responsibility; evaluate the stress that comes with it

•    How much money would you make starting at the bottom of the ladder?

•    What kind of availability and how would it mesh with your life’s current responsibilities (family, children, etc.)

•    Would you need a new wardrobe for the line of work you are looking into?

•    What would make you happiest in a job scenario?

•    Is there growth in that field right now? Or is it currently in an economic downfall?  Do your homework.

These are all very important things to consider, each with their own link as to why they are important. Certain aspects will only be applicable to certain individuals, but the number one key to any job is happiness. If you are investing the time into a career change, be certain that it is one that you will enjoy day in and day out. If you enjoy working with people, find something with a lot of public interaction. If you prefer being independent, look into a trade where your knowledge and your skill is the team involved with the job. If you are going down a new path, make sure it is for the right reasons, not only financial reasons, but because it is something you can be happy doing.

Make sure you do your homework when it comes to undertaking a career change.  If you leave one field of work to go into another that has a very poor employment rate, it’s not a wise decision. Pursue something that has a lot of room for growth and a need in today’s given market. Trying to resolve a crisis in life by finding a new career path won’t happen if you jump from one struggling field into another, it would simply be moving parallel. Make a move that may start as an uphill battle, but eventually will turn into a respectable career that has an end game where you see yourself wanting to be.

A minor consideration, but important nonetheless is your appearance. Make sure your appearance flows with that of the target job you are looking for. If you are interested in getting into a banking/financial job and go in dressed like a construction worker, the end result might not exactly be what you were hoping for. The precision of small details is what will make you stand out and look like you belong in that profession, and it will be the initial building block to your journey to a new life.

If the job you are looking into has various qualifications or certifications, that doesn’t have to be a road block, just some residue on the road you have to tread slowly over.  What that means is that while you are working in the current job you are tied into, gradually take the certifications you need, plan around your schedule, and manage your time to its maximum efficiency. The only way a career you want won’t happen is if you decide that you don’t want it. You control your own future, and telling yourself you can do it is half of the battle.

The most important thing to do in this entire process is recognizing at the very beginning what your true fears are. It is wise to recognize why you want a career change, and your biggest fears that come with the career change.  Along with these fears consider the solutions, the reason that backs the ideas, and find out early how to overcome these fears. The idea of a career change can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, but if you go into it blindly it can be very scary and devastating. The proper time investment and mental preparation to make it happen are all vital pieces of the puzzle. Just be sure to give each the appropriate attention required.

Richard McMunn is a writer for How2become; a leading career and recruitment specialist for public sector careers. For the last 8 years How2become has helped numerous people prepare for and pass tough recruitment processes and assessment centres in order to secure their dream job. You can also connect with How2become on Google Plus

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