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Ugly Job Search – Horror Stories – Grim but True

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.” – Lily Tomlin

Career AlleyIt can happen to anyone. A bad interview, a resume error (big time), insulting the interviewer. Of course sometimes it is just plain and simple stupidity or lack of awareness. And some stories are almost too strange to be true. Whatever the reason, it’s not a bad idea to look at other peoples job search grief. Sometimes it’s just a heads-up (like okay, good information and I know never to do that). Other times it is one of those “really?” incidents (like sending a virus infected resume). But you know what,  sometimes it’s not you, sometimes it’s on the interviewer’s side. I remember the time I went on a job interview. I sit down with the interviewer and she gets a phone call from her husband (which she takes in the middle of the interview). He is screaming and cursing on the other side of the phone (load enough for me to hear). After she is done with her irate husband, she begins to tell me that the job (you know, the one that I’m interviewing for) is the “job from hell”. Well there’s a good advertisement. Where do I sign up for the job from hell? Anyway, whatever your read, misery loves company and learning from others’ mistakes can not hurt.

Resumes – Spelling errors has to be number one on the list (with typos a close second), but what about listing inappropriate hobbies (like nude sunbathing) or silly comments like “act professionally” or “arrive on time”. Think this doesn’t happen? Think again.

Interviews and Communications – Hitting “send” before you are ready can have a negative impact. What about the guy who was writing his job interview thank you note and decided it would be easier to copy one from the last company and just change the particulars? Unfortunately, he left the name of the other company in the note. This is one of but hundreds of blunders. Ever think about paying off the interviewer to get the job?

Cover Letter Blunders – Using a generic cover letter is probably one of the worst things you can do, but what about forgetting to include your contact information?

More Sad but True Stories:

Good luck in your search.

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