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3 Key Resume Changes You Need to Make Now if You’re Changing Careers

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Going through a career change and wondering what you need to do to make your resume right?  Here are three key areas of your resume that you need to make adjustments to when switching careers:

1. Your Job Target/Job Title: Make sure you’re not falling into the trap of listing multiple job targets or titles at the top of your resume.  I know it can be tempting when you’re qualified for more than one type of role—or you’re seeking something … anything … different from what you’re doing now.  Instead, focus on one position at a time, and put this at the top of your resume:

JOB TARGET: Information Technology Manager

1. Your personal branding statement: Think about what unique attributes and experience you can bring to this new role, then combine those into a one-line statement that speaks to the position for which you’re applying.  Sure, you may not have 5 years of experience in the field, but you have some other GREAT experiences that will transfer well into your new career path.

 2. Your work history bullet points: Reorder the bullet points underneath each position on your resume so that the most applicable experience and accomplishments are listed first.  Always list bullet points from each position in the order of relevancy from most relevant to least relevant.  This shows the hiring manager that although you may not have operated within that exact role in your past career, you still have the related skills and experiences necessary to do the job.

Keep these three pointers in mind when making adjustments to your resume as you seek out a different career path.  Remember to rebrand your resume and customize it for each different position you apply for as well.  For tips on how to brand your resume, check out my recent article: 5 Key Areas to Target When Branding Your Resume.

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Author: Global resume authority Jessica Hernandez of is a former HR Manager who partners with professional- and executive-level candidates to create authentic, branded resumes and cover letters.

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