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Contrary to Media Reports, Employers Aren’t Asking For Facebook Passwords

Mark Mehler and Gerry Crispin of CareerXroadsThis non-starter article from the Associated Press was everywhere in March and, from our point of view, much ado about nothing. Not one public company was named and the authors of this and other articles misled readers into thinking, erroneously we believe, that this ‘trend’ among US firms of all sizes and stripes was real and growing. #Yellowjournalismatitsbest.

We cannot imagine any rational firm requiring candidates to fork over their passwords. Can you just see doing that and then discovering the person was last seen celebrating their pregnancy with their friends? Or, how about forcing a candidate to disclose their recent private status where they were praying (shared only with family and friends) for some less than popular outcomes? #classaction

Who could possibly want to wallow in non-job related content? Who would even have time for that?

OK, despite everything someone will do this, and obviously it is the same idiot who asks the single mom how she will get to work on time with two kids to bring up, etc. etc. and then hires someone less encumbered – and less qualified.

On the other hand, what candidate in their right mind would surrender their privacy unless it is for bona fide, job-related reasons?

Anyone who gives their social security number, social media passwords or anything they keep private without both a rationale and a written conditional offer in hand needs a good talking to. (Have them call us.)

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