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Simple Measures That Can Improve The Success Of Your Job Search Efforts

In this day and age, the problems of employment opportunities and the method of doing a job search can be challenging for a lot of individuals. This is because a lot of people (especially those who have recently left school) might not know how to go about doing a job search or how to look for employment opportunities in a way that would improve their success. For an individual to search out the correct jobs, an individual must look for it with very specific goals at heart and not just accept any occupation out there. This will sound a bit strange especially in our current state of affairs in which first rate jobs are difficult to find, nevertheless it’s the only method to do a job search and end up with what you truly wish to do. (more…)

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Juggling Jobs May Lead to a Career

Have you ever thought of a career as being just one job? While this is probably ideal for a lot of people, the idea is not set in stone (at least I don’t think so). Along the way to a career, you might find yourself doing part-time or freelance work. As a result, you could develop a more attractive skill set to employers and determine where you want to spend most of your time working.

Consider the following tips to manage a career with multiple jobs: (more…)

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Why Everyone Needs a Cover Letter

Why everyone needs a cover letter is a most debatable question. The answer to this question may differ among people searching for jobs and employers wanting to hire. However, if one knows the importance of a cover letter in a job search, he/she will surely agree that a cover letter indeed is the necessary document to showcase one’s skills and qualification for the applied job.

Just imagine a situation, where you want to apply for a job to the company that you have always dreamed of working with. Now, how will you make the hiring manager of that company know about your interest as well as to show that you are suitable for the job? Of course, you will mail or post your resume to the company, but is there any guarantee the manager will read it? (more…)

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Why Dates of Employment Can Make or Break a Quality Resume

It may not seem that every piece of your resume is important, but on the contrary, everything you write will be scrutinized by some entity.  In fact, even the dates you list on the resume matter when you’re being considered for a job.  Don’t believe it?  Take a look at some reasons why the dates on your resume could make it or break it: (more…)

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Is There Such a Thing as Resume Overexposure?

The Wall Street Journal Online and its partner recently published an article stating that distributing your resume too much can actually be harmful to your job search efforts. You can find that article here. It almost seems counterintuitive to state that being “out there” too much could hurt your marketability, but the experts quoted in the article make a great point (forewarning here, I’m also quoted in the article, but bear with me as I indulge …).

The article made several points I believe are worth sharing: (more…)

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CIOs Surveyed Say Workplace Communication Will Favor Real-Time Tools

Email may soon become the new snail mail, a new Robert Half Technology survey suggests. More than half (54 percent) of chief information officers (CIOs) interviewed recently said real-time workplace communication tools will surpass traditional email in popularity within the next five years.

CIOs were asked, “In the next five years, do you think real-time workplace communication tools – for example, Instant Messaging, SharePoint, Yammer, etc. – will be more or less popular than email among employees?” Their responses: (more…)

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Growing Market Overseas, More Jobs at Home

There have been several stories in the media recently about GE and China. Many of them have distorted the facts about the nature of GE’s business in China and especially the impact of that business on jobs here at home. The truth is that expanding into new markets and selling to more customers—whether in China or any other large, growing international market—means more GE jobs in the U.S., now and in the future. (more…)

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Four in 10 CFOs Say Employee Morale Has Improved at Their Firms

Does your employer know how you’re feeling in the workplace?  Some executives believe employees are more satisfied on the job.

The still uncertain economy hasn’t kept some workers from smiling a little more at the office. Four in 10 (42 percent) chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed for an Accountemps survey said employee morale has improved at least somewhat in the last 12 months. 53% percent of respondents said the mood among their teams is unchanged from a year ago. (more…)

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U.S. College Dropout Rate Costing Universities and Taxpayers Billions

It is not just college students who hurt themselves by not graduating; the economy is affected too.

As students across the country prepare to start their freshman year of college, more than 40 percent of them will not graduate within six years – costing billions of dollars in lost earnings for the students and millions of dollars in lost tax revenue, according to a new analysis by the American Institutes for Research (AIR). (more…)

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Manage Your Time More Effectively To Boost Job Leads

If you are in job search then you may quickly discover that you will need to start managing information and time more effectively. Whether you apply for twenty jobs in a month or a hundred jobs in one month, you will need to maximize your time and resources to help you to optimize job leads and interview possibilities. During a job search we often focus on managing our resumes and the positions we apply for.  But are there other aspects of our jobs search that require equal attention? Below are a few thoughts on how to improve upon a few key job hunting resources that will help you to boost your job hunting efforts. (more…)