Five Secrets Of A Successful Job Search

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Looking for job vacancies, career and employment opportunities can often feel like a daunting task. Therefore when a strong opportunity presents itself, we need to make sure that we have placed our best strategy going forward to secure the position. Below are five secrets that successful applicants have used to give themselves the optimum positioning to close the job opportunities that has been afforded to them.

Follow these simple rules and guarantee yourself the best shot at a successful job search.

A job search calls for a full-time commitment: When you are searching for employment, make certain that you dedicate sufficient time for this endeavor. Whether you are presently working and looking for a superior job opportunity or are out of work and seeking your initial employment, treat the job search as a full time job. It is important to make a time commitment if you desire to optimize your results. If you are currently working, make use of your early mornings as well as late evenings to polish your resume and plan your interview at lunch time.

A job search requires identifying your key areas of proficiency and marketability: Your job search success will increase when you focus on specific jobs that emphasize your highest skill sets that employer demand. Employers will choose candidates that exemplify specialized qualifications that the job outlines. Thus, focusing on what you do best and spending your precious time applying to opportunities that mirror that expertise will help you to get to your target job.

A job search may require a little creativity: Hiring managers select applicants with a resume customized to the open position. You may not need to create a completely new resume every time you submit an application. Perhaps, you can just alter your objective statement, tweak your qualifications and profile as well as highlight skills and activities that you think suitable for the position. These small yet important alterations can help you to match you for the job and position you as a distinctive candidate to a potential employer.

A job search requires a little research: Your job search with a job contact doesn’t finish once you’ve submitted your application to the company. Indeed, when you send a potential employer your resume, your competitive profile will begin to take shape. Along with a resume, consider adding a brief cover letter. Prepare the cover letter by doing some basic research on the organization, their products, their competitors, and trends in their industry. Review their website for information on the company. Read their press releases. Go to websites like to review what financial analysts think about the health of the company. After absorbing this research, think about how you might contribute to the department or hiring manager. Add a few lines in your cover letter to highlight your strengths with regard to the business that the company is in. In the cover letter express your strong interest as well as eagerness to get the position. Emphasize how your skills can contribute to improved profits, cost control, innovation, and / or productivity.

A job search requires preparation for interviews: You are a step closer to your required job as soon as you receive a call for interview. This shows that you have exceeded or met the initial expectations of the employer. Anticipate the type of interview and the probable questions that might be asked of you. Google the internet for the type of questions that could be considered common for this position. Make sure that you have an answer for these questions. Consider compiling some questions regarding the company and the position. Show the potential employer that you take this position seriously enough to come prepared. has compiled a collection of job search tips and interview questions for the candidate and for the employer in their Career Café magazine. Feel free to add these resources as an essential part of your job search preparation.

Best wishes in your job hunt.

By: D. Lawton

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