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Have a Facebook Fan Page? Get Ready for Changes!

One week from today, Facebook will force some significant changes upon employers, consumer marketers, and others with profile and Fan Pages. Most individuals likely won’t notice or care too much about the changed appearance of their personal pages as Facebook has made many such changes in its short existence. But the changes will come as a rude awakening for many organizations.

According to Facebook’s blog entry that announced the changes, they will “simplify navigation for users, reduce complexity for developers and enable [Facebook] to build the next generation of tools for growing your business with Facebook.” There will be three primary changes:

  1. Any “boxes” that exist in the sidebar of a page will be removed.
  2. The Boxes Tab and all of its contents will be eliminated.
  3. When you click on a tab, the page itself will become narrower. The new width will be 520 pixels.

If your organization has a Facebook Fan Page, immediately do the following:

  1. Check it to see if you have any custom tabs. If so, click on the tabs. The narrower page width means that Facebook will re-size or re-format some and perhaps all of your images or banners. Of course, any such changes will be made automatically so no one at Facebook is going to look at your page and make the changes in such a way as to minimize their impact on you. Nope. The changes will just be made. It is up to you to minimize any impact.
  2. If you have a Boxes Tab, click on it to see what content you have there. If you still want that content to be accessible to your visitors after Monday, August 23rd, create new, custom Facebook tabs.
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