Student Consolidation Loans- New Low Rates

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Some online lenders are now offering lower interest rates on student consolidation loans. Some of these lenders are offering to take an additional 1.25% off the federal governments already low 7.5%. This could add up to a great savings for anyone who may be considering refinancing their student loans right now.
Loan consolidation is the process of combining multiple student loans into one new loan. Most federal student loans can be consolidated. Fortunately, consolidation can occur while you are still in school, during your grace period, or when repaying your loans. However, you can only consolidate your student loans once. It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of student funding options in order to make smart financial decisions that will inevitably have a long-term impact and benefits. Consumers must choose experienced, trust-worthy loan consolidation specialists that can answer all questions and equip families with up-to-date information on current interest rates, as well as rates over time. Be sure to read all fine print; there are no fees associated with consolidation, go somewhere else if a lender requires fees. Continue reading …
Article by, Athlon and courtesy of Student Loan Consolidation Rebate

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