Police Officer Sample Cover Letter

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When writing police officer resume cover letters individuals should be sure the hiring managers know their experience and training as well as their areas of specialty in enforcing the law, such as drug abuse, traffic control, harbor monitoring, etc. Any police officer resume cover letter should deliver this kind of important information to help the applicant land the job he or she is applying for.

Joe Jobhunter
678 Dawson Road
Any City, USA 23232
April 19, 2006
Captain Raymond Peters
Any City Police Department
95 E. 65th Street
Any City, USA 78956
Dear Captain Peters:
I saw your posting on CareerJimmy.com for police officers with experience in traffic control. During my six years of service in Albuquerque, New Mexico I worked in that specialty. I have ridden a motorcycle, ridden a horse while on patrol, and I’ve done a stint in harbor control as a police officer.
Today I’m writing this resume cover letter to confirm, as you requested, attendance at the mandatory Introductory Seminar on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. at police headquarters.
I look forward to meeting you following the seminar. I’ll be happy to bring a document showing my history as a police officer and an award I received from the mayor of Albuquerque for excellent service in the traffic control department.
Thank you for considering me for this job.
Joe Jobhunter
Enclosure: cover letter and resume
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