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Strategic Social Networking Online

Did you know someone could research your information online and track your old conversations? The inconsistencies in your online behavior can affect the progress you make in the real world; per se. Strategic social networking can have an amazing impact on the way your future moves within this fast-paced world. Businesses do not want to hire someone who has pictures of liquor, parties, and inappropriate materials attached to their name. If you are not self-employed, you are preparing yourself to doom within the business world now.

The internet fosters the ability to use social networking forums through Web 2.0 to help individuals develop opinions and voice them or type them. The public can sweep through the issues with no problem; can you sweep through your social networks right now. Think about all of the places you have posts responses, articles, and blogs. Future employers are tackling these issues by surfing the internet for their new candidates. It’s a key rule in the internet life as it is in real life – credibility sticks as stones to the growth of a career. In the online environment, you must have a strong presence if you want a presence at all. The way you are perceived online is intertwined with everything you do offline.
Here’s a little exercise to see where you are online:
1. Google/Yahoo/MSN your full name
2. Google/Yahoo/MSN usernames or logins into forums/sites
Did I strike a nerve for some? What did you find? Do you believe strategic social networking is for you now? I bet so. Strategic social networking means planning to develop a presence online so your future employers will not be ashamed of you. Functional profiles contain key, consistency, and honesty means values as well as credibility to anyone researching your name. You can not play a game of odds with individuals who have no idea of who you are. If your resume has a respectable organization, please remain respectable to the internet’s eye. Yes, the internet has an eye now…it has a huge eye and an ability to close yours to the truth.
How can you redeem yourself?
1. Join respectable groups or interesting forums online.
2. Participate in discussions related to your interests.
3. Do not use unnecessary tones, vulgar, or disrespectful messages.
4. Create an online presence that speaks volumes of your values.
Not many would care to follow suit, but the truth is within the web. Anyone can find harmful content to ruin your future career. Make sure you have a plan to remain an eligible and reasonable choice.

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