• How am I?

    April 13, 2006 by

    I think my frustrations have hit their high. I have by no means given up on searching for a job. I am generally a very patient person, and I completely realize there are those out there who have been searching for a job for far longer than I have. However, 7 months later, and I think I’ve had enough.
    I’m either over qualified for positions, or I don’t have enough experience. Okay, well do employers not realize even if the person may be over qualified or not, if they are applying for the position obviously they need the job otherwise why would they apply? I have friends who are college graduates who are working as servers in restaurants, working the drive-thru at McDonalds, and whatnot. This is not a pretty job market, and people need jobs. So I’m supposed to be punished for having too much experience? Too much education? That is ridiculous. The last job I held, I interviewed for twice; after the first interview they told me that they wouldn’t hire me because they believed that the position was below my educational and experience background. Okay, so they went the long way around to tell me I was over qualified.
    And how am I expected to get experience if no one is willing to hire me and give me the chance to gain experience? Everyone has to start somewhere. If I don’t work out, fire me. I realize that certain job openings require someone immediately to have knowledge of the positions duties and responsibilities. But do not most jobs require some sort of settling-in and/or training period? Explain to me what I need to do, your preferred way of me accomplishing those duties, and I’ll get it done promptly and quickly. That’s not enough apparently though. Despite my eagerness and skills, I’m not good enough.
    How am I to succeed in the job market if there isn’t someone out there willing to provide me an opportunity to gain the experience? Or even provide a job opportunity to me? All I need is a chance to prove myself. The problem is finding the person/company willing to give me that chance.



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