Targeted Email Campaigns

One of our most exciting tools for employers who have difficult or large hiring needs is our ability to deliver a plain text or HTML (graphical) email -- often referred to as e-cards or email blasts -- into the inboxes of tens or even hundreds of thousands of highly targeted students and recent graduates who have told us or one of our network partners not just once but twice that they want to receive emails notifying them of opportunities for which they qualify.

Many of our competitors only ask their users once if they want to be emailed. Those are single opt-in lists and their quality is okay. Still other competitors will email their users unless the users specifically say otherwise. Those are opt-out lists and have been shunned by all quality marketers for a decade or more. Our list is double opt-in -- the highest standard in the industry -- as the candidates must affirmatively request to be on the list and then must affirmatively confirm their subscription request by responding to our follow-up email.

Want to be sure that your message will be well received? We do too so we will work with you to select the recipients through any combination of 700 fields of data including school, geography (right down to the zip code), major, GPA, diversity, year of graduation, occupational field, and more.

Why do we take the huge, difficult, and costly extra steps required to build and maintain a double opt-in list? Because we want to make sure that every candidate we contact wants to hear from you so that you are always seen in a positive light. We can’t think of a better way to reach thousands of pre-qualified candidates quickly and effectively, can you?

Comparison Chart:
Student/Grad Database 10 million students and 7 million recent graduates/alumni for a total of 17 million students, recent graduates, and alumni who have asked us or one of our partners to send opportunities like yours to them 2.8 million 20+ million under 1 million
Candidates Opt-In best
double opt-in
single opt-in
single opt-in
single opt-in
Targeting 700 fields including diversity, school, grad date, major, geo, perm. address, GPA, job category, citizenship, age, gender, interests school, dept, club, degree, language, grad date, GPA, citizenship, location, specialty, diversity, interests geo, job category, keywords, diversity, language, work status (pt/ft) area of study, geo, school, degree, GPA, work status, major, grad date
Stand-alone Campaigns (ad is entire message body) yes yes yes yes
HTML or Plain Text only either plain text only either either
Clicks go to Client's Website yes based on client request based on client request yes
Tracking Reports delivered, opens, clicks, unsubscribes and client can add tracking opens, clicks, job views, applications, client can add tracking opens, clicks, client can add tracking opens and clicks
Delivery Only to Personal Email Addresses
(for improved open & click rates)
yes no no no
Cost to Email 50,000 People $2,250 with no limit on schools or other targeting no guaranteed number of emails, but closest equivalent is $6,550 for 6-10 schools $5,000 with no limit on targeting $12,500 with no limit on schools or other targeting
Cost for Same Email to Same 50,000 People $1,125 depends on audience depends on "yield" $1,250



The gross cost is based on the client providing the final creative. Targeted emails can be sent as plain text or a graphical email (HTML) with no price differential. Our pricing is for emails actually delivered, making us stand apart from other email lists.

  • 0 to 50,000 plain text or HTML = $2,250
  • 50,001 to 99,999 = $45 per thousand
  • 100,000 to 249,999 = $42 per thousand
  • 250,000 to 749,999 = $35 per thousand
  • 750,000 to 1,499,999 = $30 per thousand
  • 1,500,000 or more = $25 per thousand

Follow-up Discount: There is a 50 percent discount for follow-up emails which have the identical subject line, targeting, and creative. The follow-up emails must go to the same names and be purchased prior to the first deployment.

Likely Response Rate: We guarantee 100 percent delivered emails and typically see an open rate of at least eight percent (almost double industry average) and a click through rate of at least 13 percent (almost triple industry average).

No Contracts: No contracts to sign...unless you want one. Most of our new clients purchase a targeted email campaign, job posting ad, or banner ad and don't sign up for some ridiculous, annual package like some of our competitors force upon their clients.


For additional information on metrics and how targeted email campaigns have been used by some of our clients, please see our Success Stories and Metrics page.

For more information, please call 952-848-2211 or email