Job Posting Package Features and Pricing Options is the leading job board for college students who are searching for internships and recent graduates who are hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. Already have job posting credits? Go to your My Account page to add, edit, or delete your postings. Otherwise, select the package below which best fits your needs.

Job Postings 1 5 25 50 All You Can Eat
for 30 days
Price $95 $375 $1,250 $1,750
Price Per Posting $95 $75 $50 $35 Post All Internships and
Jobs Requiring
0-3 Years of Experience

Key Features

  • Jobs run for 30 days unless inactivated earlier by client
  • Postings accessible to all students, recent grads, and alumni from all schools
  • Choose whether candidates apply on our site or yours
  • Edit posting as much and as often as you want
  • Mobile compatible


  • Format text (bold, italics, colors, etc.)
  • Logo automatically appears on posting page
  • Map to job location automatically appears on posting page
  • Embed, logos, graphics, videos, etc. into postings

Driving Traffic

  • Tight integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Sampling of new jobs pushed to 100,000+ social media followers
  • Emailed to active candidates through job match alerts
  • Distribution to exclusive network of career sites

Payment and Terms

  • No contract required
  • Pay by credit card, ACH, wire, PayPal, or check
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime

Posting Jobs

  • Post jobs manually
  • Post jobs via Excel upload
  • Automated posting service (wrapping / scraping) available for free on packages of 25 or more job postings
  • Click to clone active or inactive postings


  • Unlimited candidates
  • Unlimited users within one organization
  • Except for All You Can Eat package, use postings anytime within 365 days. The All You Can Eat package allows you to post all of your internship and entry-level jobs for 30 days.
  • Post payroll (W-2) or contractor (1099) jobs